About us

Inner North Playschool is a licensed Playschool operated by the Inner North Playschool Inc. Committee providing early childhood education for three-four year-old children. It does not try to emulate Preschool education but at the same time it provides more for the children than would a Playgroup. Parents are able to leave their child in the care of trained and experienced staff for a period of three and a half hours. It is hoped that a year at Playschool will assist the transition to Preschool. Inner North Playschool runs sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday between 9.30am and 1.30pm. The Playschool program is a mixture of free and directed activities. It is designed to introduce the children to an environment where a simple routine is in place. As routine is very reassuring to children we attempt not to deviate from the basic daily routine. Our aim at Inner North Playschool is to enrich the child’s development in a safe and nurturing environment while having fun. The children are expected to be able to do as they are asked and to participate in all activities. Participation is rarely an issue, but as all children are different there are times when some children choose not to participate. This is accepted, but at the same time they are encouraged by the staff to join in the fun.

As part of our licensing requirements parents/carers of children attending Inner North Playschool are required to assist and help at two Playschool sessions per term. Two helpers are rostered on for each session.


2020 session cost is $60 per child. The fees are payable each term and are due three weeks before commencement of each term.


Early childhood education has a variety of names around Australia and the world.

In Canberra, Early Childhood Education providers for three year-olds are generally known as Playschools, while four year-olds attend Preschool and five year-olds start Kindergarten.

Some alternative names you may be more familiar with could include: Preschool, Prep, Preparatory, Kindergarten, Kindy, Kinder, Nursery, Nursery School, or Pre-K. Playschools are licensed by the Children’s Education & Care Assurance (CECA).


Inner North Playschool began life as the Reid Playschool in 2000. The Reid Playschool was operated by the Reid Preschool Parent Association and used the Reid Preschool facilities.

The Playschool was established as an independent incorporated body in 2007 as Inner North Playschool and continued to use the Reid Preschool facilities.

Inner North Playschool moved to its current location at the Ainslie Church of Christ at the beginning of 2009.

The Playschool was officially opened by the Minister for Children and Young People, Andrew Barr on 21 August 2009.



Arrival. Children sit with their parent or carer to do a puzzle or read a book together.


Group time. ‘Hello and welcome’.


Free play activities (indoor) including: Puzzles, books, building blocks. Home corner: dress-ups, cooking, shops, office. Tactile activities: Painting, drawing, threading, gluing. Construction: Duplo, Mohilo, gears and magnets.




Group craft activity.


Morning tea.


Outside play.


Pack away outside equipment.


Fruit time.


Inside for quiet moment, story time, and the mystery box presentation.


Goodbye song and home for the children.

Want to know more? Visit our Documents page where more detailed information about the Playschool is available in our Information Booklet.