Inner North Playschool is a licensed Playschool which provides early childhood education for 3-4 year old children in North Canberra. Our aim is to enrich the child’s development in a safe and nurturing environment while having fun.

Parents leave their children at Playschool in the care of trained and experienced staff, where they will participate in a mix of free and directed activities. The program is designed to introduce an environment where a simple routine is in place. It does not try to emulate Preschool education but at the same time provides more for the children than would a Playgroup. It is hoped that Playschool will ease the transition to Preschool.


Margie Frawley and Louise Butz have worked in Childhood Education for a combined total of 25 years with Margie completing her Diploma of Education and Louise completing her Certificate 3 in Children’s Services.

Over the past 14 years they have worked to make Inner North Playschool one of the very best schools in its field focusing their time to develop structured play, free-time play and most importantly teaching each class through love and support.

Margie and Louise are highly passionate women who develop and nurture the children to their fullest potential but most importantly it is their goal to ensure the Playschool is a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment.

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