We were so extremely lucky to have found Margie at Inner North playschool, her nurturing and caring nature allowed our son to settle into the playschool very easily, having not attended childcare prior to starting at Inner North…. this was very important to us. Our son developed a love for crafting and creating during his year at Inner North Playschool and continues to create new projects all the time. He loved bringing home a new piece of artwork every day he went to Playschool and by the end of the year we ended up with 2 full folders! The playschool was very well organised with parents receiving an outline for the term which would make it easy for us to talk about the week ahead with our little one. Margie always went out of her to make the day fun and I could not recommend this Playschool highly enough. Our son is now thriving in pre-school all thanks to this fantastic playschool!

– Class of 2017

Painted hand prints


Our son Tom attended INPS in 2017. We had just moved to Canberra from the UK and my husband and I placed high importance on getting Tom into a happy environment where he could meet other kids and that would support his development. INPS was a great find. Margie is wonderful. She’s a very happy and caring person; great with the kids and creates a fun but organised environment. They do so much! We loved pinning up all of Tom’s playschool creations on our walls. Tom still speaks highly of Margie and that is high praise from a tough little customer!

– Class of 2017


Three of my children have attended INP and my fourth child is enrolled for next year, so it goes without saying that we are very happy with the Playschool and are really looking forward being involved again for another year. INP prepares the children so beautifully for preschool – they are used to following a routine, managing their own lunchboxes and getting used to waiting their turn to share ideas.

My children still talk about their time at INP and have such fond memories. Margie is such an enthusiastic, nurturing and fun teacher that the children are gagging to get back to Playschool each week. I’m confident that you would be hard pressed to find anything better for a 3-4 year old. We are very thankful we found INP and it has been such a great start to a school environment for our children.


We loved sending our son to Inner North Playschool and he loved going.  He made a wonderful group of friends and had a fabulous year being taught by Margie.  We will send our daughter there again for sure.

– Class of 2017

Hello class!

Harry, Kath, Ella and Saba

We couldn’t have been luckier to find Inner North Playschool for our daughter Ella’s first experience at school in 2013.  Her sister Saba joined in the fun in 2017 and had an amazing year as well.  There wasn’t a day that either of our daughters didn’t want to go to playschool and they both have wonderful memories.

Margie has created the most fun and nurturing environment, where crafty little kids proudly bring something home every school day and have a new song to sing or story to tell.

Special days like Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas were made even more exciting for the little ones as they ever so proudly showered us with their creations.

We highly recommend Inner North Playschool to any family wanting a fantastic introduction to school for their children.

– Class of 2013 and 2017

Hands on heads


My daughter absolutely loved her time at Inner North Playschool. Margie is a fantastic educator who makes sure the kids are having a blast (she does too!) and learn some valuable skill sets through play. Eve got to know her school friends well and many of the parents/grandparents got to know each other well too which made for a fantastic community. Eve still has fond memories of her year at INPS and so do I. Rest assured your kids are in good hands at INPS, they’ll be kept busy and excited all year round.

– Class of 2016


Our son Noé had such a great time at Inner North Playschool. It was recommended by a friend from playgroup and it was the perfect place for Noé for his first time away from home. The school-like environment helped Noé with his social skills and even though he had separation anxiety at the beginning of the year, Margie and Louise were always there to reassure him… and us!

Noé loved all the different activities, whether it was crafts or games. He was so proud to bring his creations home at the end of the day. By the end of the year he had made friends, improved his motor skills and most of all, had a lot of fun! It was the perfect transition to preschool.

And thanks to our youngest daughter, we will have another chance to be part of the Inner North Playschool community in 2021.

– Class of 2016


My daughter had the most wonderful year at the Inner North Playschool. Margie is an amazing and nurturing teacher and the whole year was full of fun and educational activities. My daughter made some really great friends, and I did too. It was the perfect preparation for preschool and my youngest is eagerly looking forward to her turn next year. I highly recommend it to everyone.

– Class of 2017

Playing with Lego

Sarah, Kate and Zara

We couldn’t have asked for a better start to our daughter’s school life.  Inner North Playschool was Zara’s first time away from home, and the creative and nurturing environment of Inner North made for a seamless transition.  Zara would always look forward to Playschool days and during term would wake up sad on a Wednesday as there was no Playschool!

Playschool also significantly helped with the Pre-School transition, not to mention the lovely friends we all made during our year at Playschool whom we continue to see and catch up with.

Margie is a wonderful educator, adored by all the children (and parents!).  Margie’s experience shines through with the unique and creative activities in place during each Playschool session; our daughter also increased her confidence thanks to Margie’s gentle encouragement throughout the year.

We always talk about how fortunate we were to attend Inner North Playschool, thank you Margie and team for an amazing experience.

– Class of 2017


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